The Admissions Process
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Admission to the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology is open to those who can benefit from the programs that P.I.T. offers.

Although enrollment is open to high school graduates who can benefit from Pennsylvania Institute of Technology programs, all new students must meet minimum academic skill levels. Prospective students are encouraged to apply early to ensure space availability in their desired major.

Applications for admission to Associate Degree programs and the School of Professional Programs career certificate programs are accepted throughout the year. Practical Nursing program applications are accepted throughout the year for the twelve (12) month, Full-Time Day program start in January and for the eighteen (18) month, Evening/Weekend program start in July.

Admissions Policy
Programs of study are offered at the certificate and associate degree levels. Admissions criteria vary according to majors. At a minimum, applicants must be a graduate of an accredited high school; hold a diploma issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, or has a recognized equivalent such as a passing score on the General Educational Development (GED) Test.

Steps for Admission
  1. Schedule a Personalized Information Session and Campus Tour with an Admissions Specialist.
  2. Application Form: Complete an Application for Admission form, available online at or from the Office of Admissions.
  3. Transcripts: Provide official transcripts from high school or copies of verification paperwork and test scores for a GED certification. Also provide official transcripts from any post-secondary school attended, such as colleges, universities, and career and technical schools.
  4. Placement Assessment: Applicants are required to take a computerized placement assessment which measures their academic skills in English, reading comprehension, mathematics, and computer applications. This assessment helps determine a student’s placement into programs of study. Certain students, such as those who have submitted recent SAT or ACT scores or who have already earned an associate degree or higher, may not need to take the placement assessment.
    • Developmental Education: All entering students must demonstrate required English and mathematics skills necessary for their program of study. Students who have not demonstrated these skills in the placement assessment must successfully complete mandatory academic developmental coursework.
  5. Additional Admission Requirements: Admissions criteria vary according to program of study. Some programs are restricted to applicants who meet certain placement scores and other prerequisites.
    • Selective Admission Requirements: Admission into the Practical Nursing program is highly competitive, and meeting the minimum admissions requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program. The specific admission criteria are referenced under the Practical Nursing program of study.
  6. Acceptance into a Program of Study: Acceptance is finalized when applicants have met all criteria for their program of study. The College reserves the right to deny acceptance into a major or recommend another major if the applicant does not meet the program-specific criteria. The Office of Admissions issues an official acceptance letter to those applicants who have satisfied their admission requirements. Acceptance is offered on a rolling basis, throughout the year.
  7. Registration: First-time applicants meet with an Admissions Specialist to select and enroll in courses based on the chosen program of study and placement assessment results.
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Advanced Academic Credit

Advanced Placement Credit: Advanced placement credit is awarded to students for prior academic learning and/or work experience. Students who wish to petition for or would like information on advanced placement credit should contact an Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs.

Learning Credit for Experience: Learning credits for experience refer to credits earned from work and life experience. Students who wish to petition for or would like information on learning credit for experience should contact an Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs.

Transfer Credit: Applicants who wish to transfer credits from another college to P.I.T. need to have official transcripts from all prior post-secondary institutions sent directly to the Office of Admissions. An Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs will evaluate transfer credit.

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