Moodlerooms Accessibility

Moodlerooms includes the following:

  • Full support of assistive technologies such as screen readers, text magnifiers and speech-to-text solutions.
  • All functionality is designed to be keyboard accessible. Global keyboard shortcuts for common actions.
  • Compliance with ADA, XHTML and JavaScript standards is also important for accessibility and Web browser compatibility. Moodle has standard accessibility tests available on every page. These checks run the W3C`s Validator application to check for strict XHTML compliance, as well as the common “”Cynthia Says”” validation from Hi Software for both Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance.
  • As an open-source project, more than 60 million users worldwide are continuously using and testing Moodle, and all issues identified are openly reported, discussed, and fixed. Likewise, a worldwide project, which has had major investments from the UK, Italy, New Zealand, etc., works to make Moodle the most accessible LMS in the world.

About keyboard navigation

Industry standard keyboard interactions are used throughoutMoodlerooms. Keyboard navigation patterns differ between browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome), but the interactions within any particular browser are common and consistent.

If you are using a Mac with Firefox or Safari and are having difficulty navigating using your keyboard, review and update your operating system and browser settings. This ensures they are properly configured for keyboard navigation. To learn more, see the following information: