Anjelica Cervantes

Coming from a family filled with engineers and architects, Anjelica Cervantes excelled in math and Newtonian Physics. This led to her interest in pursuing engineering as her college major. This past May, Anjelica graduated from P.I.T with an impressive 4.0 GPA. Most engineers have a secret artistic life. Anjelica is no different; she is passionate about photography and music, playing both the guitar and violin. You can also find her conducting urban photo safaris! She loves to wander the city with her camera, taking pictures of architecture and residents. Now that Anjelica has finished her Associates Degree, she wants to find employment as an AutoCad operator. Someday soon, Anjelica plans to return to school to finish her Bachelor’s Degree. There is no doubt that Anjelica will be successful in any endeavor she chooses.