Michael Martin

I entered the Engineering program at P.I.T. in the fall of 2014. I have met a lot of amazing people since my arrival and am very excited about working with the students and staff throughout my schooling. Since starting here I have been elected president of the Student Veterans Organization for P.I.T. and have learned even more. I also work full time for the Veterans Multi-Service Center in center city which helps veterans with problems they may have and also with re-integration into civilian life. We help with such things as housing, records, getting their VA benefits started and training and job searches. With this all working together I have had opportunities to help other veterans with some of the difficulties that have occurred and am happy to help. I am still weighing which field I would like to pursue for my four year degree but am pretty sure I will pursue this at Drexel University. I have had a lot of help and instructions from Dr. Fabrizio and Kamira Evans. They have both been wonderful. I live in Port Richmond’s outskirts so it is a lot of travel but it is definitely worth doing. I have very high hopes for the future now. I have learned a lot from all the faculty here and Professor Gambs is a wonderful teacher for engineering and am glad to have had the opportunity to learn from him in all the engineering fields.