Susan Steele

Susan Steele is a licensed Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland. She works as a Bridge Erection Engineer with High Structural Erectors, LLC. She began her path to this accomplishment when she earned her associates degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at P.I.T. She says of her time here: ‘My experience at P.I.T. gave me the fundamentals for a successful and fulfilling career. The education was essential, but the lessons taught by my professors gave me the perseverance to succeed. The encouragement and confidence of the faculty opened many doors for me in the passing years. My special gratitude to Professor Gambs.’ Susan went on to Penn State University to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Structural Design and Construction Engineering, and to earn her Master’s Degree in Engineering Science. Through the ten years she was attending school, Susan would get up at 4 am to study before she went to her full-time job. Susan feels the encouragement she received from her professors at all of the schools she attended gave her the drive and enthusiasm to earn her degrees. If not for them, she doesn’t know if her dreams would have come true.