Welcome to Blended E-Learning at P.I.T.

Blended E-Learning provides the convenience and flexibility that many students need in their busy schedules. It also provides the comfort of knowing that you will see your instructor on a weekly basis and that they are available for face-to-face meetings.

Instructors use on-line learning tools such as discussion boards, videos, web sites, on-line collaboration and other methods combined with traditional, classroom-based instruction. Students are actively involved and take direct responsibility for their learning.

As an example to complete the requirements for an appropriate three-credit course, students attend a class session once a week for 1.5 hours. They are obligated to complete a minimum of additional 1.5 hours of on-line work for a three credit course.

How Does Blended E-Learning Work?

  • Students must attend the E-Learning Orientation. This class usually runs approximately three weeks before the semester starts.
  • Students will attend approximately 90 minutes of in-class learning per week per class. The balance of the class will be fulfilled via online activities.
  • Blended E-Learning classes run on the same schedule as the regular semester. Blended E-Learning classes begin the first week of class and end during finals week.

What is Canvas

Canvas is an online learning management system that students will use as they navigate through their Blended E-Learning class. Class information, such as syllabus, files, assignments, grade books, and discussion boards are part of the learning management system.

Who should take Blended E-Learning Classes?

Students who tend to be successful in e-learning classes demonstrate a majority of the following characteristics:

  • Good computer skills
  • Self-disciplined
  • Self-motivated
  • Excellent time management
  • Independent
  • Flexible
  • Enjoy new challenges
  • Has access to a computer with high-speed internet at home

It is important to realize that Blended E-Learning courses are NOT easier than classes that are taught exclusively in a traditional classroom.


  1. You will register for a Blended E-Learning class the same way you register for an on-campus class, using the student portal.
  2. Blended E-Learning classes are designated as Section E.
  3. All pre-requisites for classes still apply.
  4. You must complete the Orientation for Blended E-Learning to finalize your registration.


Pennsylvania Institute of Technology is an attendance-taking institution, and this also includes the Blended E-Classes. Attendance for non-class days is measured in a variety of ways, including but not limited to, submitting assignments on time and participating in online discussions.

You may jeopardize your financial aid and enrollment status at P.I.T. if you do not attend class regularly.

Computer & Internet Access

Students enrolled in a Blended E-Learning class are solely responsible for their ability to access the internet via computer, tablet, or other device.

P.I.T. provides free Wi-Fi on campus to enrolled students. P.I.T. also offers computer access in the P.I.T. Library and in the Innovation Center at the Media campus.

Please check for the hours of the library and the Innovation Center. Hours are limited during holidays and breaks.


Every student at P.I.T. is issued an email account. Your login for your email is the same as the login for Open Classroom, the learning management system used for Blended E-Learning classes.

Exams and Quizzes

To validate the integrity of the testing process, students will be take the majority of their assessments during the in-class portion of their e-class.


Blended E-Learning requires that you as a student will:

  • Check your P.I.T. email daily
  • Use a significant number of online resources
  • Exercise excellent communication with the instructor, keeping him or her informed of any challenges you face
  • Ask for help when you face a challenge
  • Be wholly responsible for accessing the learning management system via the internet
  • Be responsible for submitting work on time

Is Blended E-Learning Effective? 

In a variety of studies completed in the USA and internationally, students scored significantly better when enrolled in Blended E-Learning classes. These studies have demonstrated that students have the opportunity to re-watch lectures, can move at their own pace, work at the time best for their learning, and engage in online discussions with their peers in their classes.

What computer skills should I have?

  • Send and receive emails with attachments
  • Use a web browser to surf the internet
  • Download and install software and software plug-ins
  • Copy and paste text and pictures
  • Open, save, and ‘save as’ a document

Please see our Student Help Packet.