Committed Learner Scholarship

Provides $250 for a student who demonstrates a serious commitment to academic success based on a recommendation by an instructor or program manager as well as other listed requirements.


Applicants who are enrolled in an associate degree program.


To apply, candidates for the Committed Learner Scholarship must:

  • Be recommended in writing by an instructor or program manager who has observed the student’s commitment to academic excellence.
  • A student’s commitment should be measure by the following characteristics:
    1. High academic achievement
    2. Cooperative and collaborative behavior in class or online
    3. Demonstrates the determination to succeed despite life’s challenges
    4. Exhibits the highest level of professional behavior
  • Be enrolled in an Associate Degree program.
  • Have completed at least one full term of classes.
  • Be registered for 9 credits or more.
  • Have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Complete Financial Aid for the term in which the scholarship is being requested.


  • An individual may only receive the Committed Learner Scholarship
  • Four (4) Committed Learner Scholarships will be awarded each
  • Committed Learner Scholarships will be awarded in the order they are received each year.

No stipends are allowed.