Out-of-State Scholarship

Provides up to $1500 for students enrolled and registered in the following Associates Degrees: Cannabis Business, Cannabis Health Therapy, Cannabis Horticulture or Health Care Management with Coding Academy.

Applicants who reside outside of the state of Pennsylvania and are enrolled and registered in a Cannabis Studies or Health Care Management with Coding Associates Degree at P.I.T.

To apply, candidates for the Out-of-State Scholarship must:.

  • Be registered for 9 credits or more each term.
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Be a resident of any state outside of Pennsylvania and submit proof of residency.
  • Complete Financial Aid (if using) for the term in which the scholarship is being requested.
  • Scholarship will provide up to $250 per term, for a maximum of 6 consecutive terms.
  • An individual must reapply every term for review.


No stipends allowed.

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