Emma Howell

Inspired by many people, Emma Howell found selecting a few difficult. Emma’s parents demonstrated selfless living, loving God, sacrifice, and hard work. They encouraged giving your best and depending on God. Emma’s siblings inspired her in handling life’s challenges. Emma’s interest in physical therapy developed during treatment for chronic knee issues. It grew when Physical Therapist Scott Voshell allowed her to observe him working. Emma considered a military career, but everything pointed to PT. God opened the door and Emma knew this college and career were for her. Homeschooled, Emma found her fixed schedule difficult. She limited social outings and side jobs to focus on studies. Her biggest challenge? Keeping priorities straight. Assignments, tests, and practicals required attention and made meeting her commitments to serving Christ and her family difficult. After graduating and passing the boards, Emma hopes to work in a hospital or PT clinic, while pursuing her bachelor’s degree. She dreams of using PT in ministry.