There is a science to job searching. Simply sending out many resumes to various jobs is unlikely to get you an interview or an offer. The following explain best tips for a successful job search!

J-Just take a deep breath and get started.

O-‘Office’ skills are needed to create a good resume and search the web for leads.

B-Busy. Keep busy talking to people and participating in social activities. If people know you are job searching, they can refer you to openings. If you keep busy, you won`t slip into the depression that often accompanies job searching.

S-Search online using ‘web spiders’ which pull leads from all sites on the Internet. The favorite is Of course, and are useful too. And be sure to check openings directly on websites of companies you know you want to work for.

E-Every opening is not equal. You need to apply to jobs for work you’ve done before or have the right education for and are qualified for…or they won’t call you for an interview.

A-Applications need to be completed accurately, fully and professionally. Showing you take the time to fill out an application shows you are interested in the job and care about your professional self. An application is usually necessary to complete even when you are submitting a resume.

R-Resume. Your resume needs to reflect the skills, education and experience they are looking for, be typo free and formatted nicely and consistently. Your resume should list: your name, address and contact information (phone/email). Your education and work experience should be on the resume in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

C-Communication is key, and in this case, it`s the interview. In fact, all communication with the potential employer and their staff (email, phone, in-person) should be as professional as possible. For the interview, you need to practice your answers, arrive early, bring your resume and references page. Dress professionally and be polite to EVERYBODY…from the moment you walk through the door to when you leave the building.

H-Have faith that you will succeed, and that with determination and professionalism, you will land a position.

For more information, meet with your job placement advisor.
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