Why did I receive the Form 1098T? What is its purpose? 

Educational institutions are required by law to report to students the amount of qualified tuition and related expenses (fees) billed to them or paid by them during the calendar year. The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology have opted to report the total amount billed not paid for the calendar year. The purpose of the form is to help the student determine whether you are eligible to claim an Education Tax Credit on your individual income tax returns.

I did not receive a 1098T. Why is that?

In order to qualify for one of the available tax credits, the courses must be taken as part of a postsecondary degree program or to acquire or improve job skills. In addition, qualified educational expenses which are paid for by tax free funds are not eligible for the credit. Therefore, if your tuition was paid entirely by Pell Grant, a tax free scholarship or VA educational assistance, you will not be eligible for the credit.

  • Tuition paid for noncredit courses or courses taken for personal interest generally will not qualify for either credit.

Specifically, educational institutions are not required to issue a Form 1098T to:

  • Students whose qualified tuition and related expenses are entirely waived or paid entirely with scholarships or grants
  • Nonresident alien students
  • In addition, educational institutions are also not required to issue the forms to students for courses for which no academic credit is received. Therefore, tuition and fees billed for Continuing Education or zero credit classes will not be reported on Form 1098T.

Additionally, you may not have received a 1098-T form if:

  • You do not have a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) on file.

How can I tell how much I paid? I need this information to compute the credit. It is the student`s responsibility to maintain records documenting the amounts they paid to the College during the year. Receipts are issued to all students who pay using cash or credit card. Please refer to these receipts to determine what you have paid during the year.

You may also view your account history at any time through the Student Portal.

I am the parent of a student and pay their bills. Why can`t I get a copy of the Form 1098T?

Federal laws prohibit educational institutions from releasing student information to anyone other than the student.

I misplaced my 1098T. Can I get another copy? 

The College will issue one original Form 1098T. In the event this form is misplaced or lost, the student may request a duplicate that will be mailed to them. The request to the Business Office must be in writing and include the student’s name, ID# and mailing address.

The information will not be faxed, emailed or provided over the phone. 

I need assistance with this. Who may I contact? 

You are urged to contact a tax professional, such as a licensed income tax preparer or Certified Public Accountant, to assist you with determining whether you are eligible to claim Education Tax Credits, and to determine the amount of any credit for which you may be eligible. Alternatively, you may contact the Internal Revenue Service at www.irs.gov or by phone at 1-800-829-1040.

The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology will not provide income tax advice.