All vehicles parked on the Media Campus must display or hang a P.I.T. parking tag from the rear view mirror. Students, faculty, and staff who drive more than one vehicle must secure a parking tag for each additional vehicle as noted below. All students, faculty, and staff must complete the parking permit form before you can purchase (or receive) a parking tag.

Parking Tags can be purchased for a one-time fee from the Business Office. Students who drive more than one vehicle to the Media Campus must secure a parking tag for each car at no additional cost. All students who have a car parked in the P.I.T. parking lot must have a parking permit. Student parking permits are to be hung from the rear-view mirror with the P.I.T. seal facing out so when your car is checked for a permit we can clearly see it is your P.I.T. permit. If you lose your permit, you will be charged another $5.00 to have it replaced

Visitor & Reserved Parking
Faculty, staff and students may not park in spots designated as “Visitor” parking or in the spots marked as “Reserved” parking.

Enforcement of the parking rules and regulation is overseen by the Facilities Department.

Persons who obtain several parking violation notices in an academic term may be subject to the loss of parking privileges or the towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense.

Notice: The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology assumes no liability for loss or damage to vehicles or contents on P.I.T. properties.