Welcome to The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology’s Student Support Services Page!

If you are a current SSS Program Participant and need assistance, please contact your Academic Support Coach!

The SSS Program provides participants with a variety of resources including:

  • Academic Support Coaches
    • As a SSS Participant, you will have access to an individual Academic Support Coach who will assist you with course selection and academic advising as well as provide you with information on other resources available through the program such as:
  • Supplemental Instruction
    • Supplemental Instruction is a resource specially designed for Program Participants. Every term there are weekly sessions to help program participants receive additional support for classes to enable students to complete postsecondary courses, which may include instruction in reading, writing, study skills, mathematics, science, and other subjects.
  • Transfer Assistance Program
    • SSS Program Participants have access to Transfer Assistance which includes things like:
    • Transfer Trips to area 4 year colleges, where those colleges may evaluate your transcript and let you know what scholarships you are eligible for on the spot. We’ve even had students accepted to the 4-year college/university that day!
    • Transfer Information Sessions- SSS Program participants will be invited to attend sessions with our Career and Transfer Advisor to learn how to apply, and what classes/programs here at PIT transfer to area 4 years!
    • Fee Waiver Assistance- SSS Program Participants may be eligible for Fee Waivers from 4-year colleges during the application process
  • FASFA Assistance
    • SSS Program Participants have access to FASFA completion assistance with their SSS Academic Support Coach and resources for locating public and private scholarships;
  • Financial Literacy Workshops
    • SSS Program Participants have access to information on:
      • Personal and family spending plans;
      • How to Build Credit
      • How to plan for the cost of transferring to a 4 year after graduation
      • How to understand the college cost of attendance
  • Workshops
    • SSS Program Participants have access to workshops on a variety of topics such as:
      • Study Skills
      • Test Anxiety
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Effective Note Taking
      • Time Management
  • Direct Grant Aid
    • The SSS Program has a certain amount to award every academic (September to August) year! As an SSS active participant you may be eligible to receive funds from the grant. Eligible participants who are awarded funds apply their award to things like their PIT payment plan, or to decrease their loan indebtedness after graduation.

To learn more, please email Lara McQue!