If a student has reason to believe that a grade he/she has received is incorrect, the student will first try to resolve the issue with the faculty member in writing through email.   If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, the student should attempt to resolve the matter by consultation with the appropriate program manager and the faculty member.   If a satisfactory resolution has not been reached through this consultation and the student still believes that he/she has a basis for an appeal, the student shall then initiate the formal grade appeal procedure, as described in the Procedures for Student Grade Appeal Process.   The only permitted grounds for a student grade appeal are:

  1. The grade is allegedly based on an error in calculation.
  2. The grade assigned allegedly did not follow the grading criteria as stated in the course syllabus.
  3. The grade assigned is based on academic dishonesty which the student denies.

  It shall be the responsibility of the student to prove that the grade is incorrect or unjustified.   Procedures for Student Grade Appeal Process: Section I: Conditions 1)Any appeal for a change of grade, other than a final grade, must be initiated in the semester during which the student is enrolled in the course.   2)Appeal of a final grade for the semester must be initiated within 14 calendar days of the date that the grade was published.   Section II: Procedure 3) The student shall return the completed Student Grade Appeal Form, including a written statement with the details of the request for a change of grade, to the Dean of Academic Affairs (or his/her designee).

  • The written statement shall include the course number, course name, name of the student, name of the faculty member, date the contested grade occurred, grade change desired and rationale to support specific ground(s) upon which the appeal is based.
  • Please include copies of the emails proving that an attempt was made by the student to resolve the grade issue directly with their instructor first.
  • The grade appeal must be on an official Student Grade Appeal Form which must be filled out, signed and dated, and returned to the Dean of Academic Affairs (or his/her designee) within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date when the grade is published.

4)Within five (5) calendar days after the Dean of Academic Affairs or Program Manager or his/her designee receives the Student Grade Appeal Form, the Dean of Academic Affairs or Program Manager (or his/her designee) will determine that if any of these conditions have not been met, the appeal will be rejected until such time that all conditions are met.   Section III: Resolution 5)Within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of the submission of the grade appeal form, the faculty member shall provide a written response to the student response on the official grade appeal form and return this form to the Dean of Academic Affairs or Program Manager(or his/her designee).   6)Based upon the information provided by both the student and the faculty member, the Dean of Academic Affairs or Program Manager (or his/her designee) will determine the outcome of the appeal. This response will be forwarded to the student in a timely manner. (In the event that the faculty member concerned is no longer at the college, the appropriate Program Manager shall substitute for the faculty member.)   Download the Grade Appeal Form  

or more information, please contact: Rachelle Chaykin  Voice : 610-892-1528 rchaykin@pit.edu